FAQ & How to:

Q: How do I order a Super Fly Suit?

  • Choose your fabric, send us measurements.  (Dog’s aprox weight and breed are also very helpful)  and we will contact you regarding pricing.


Q: How do I measure my dog for a Super Fly Suit?

  • You need to take four simple measurements:

1. Neck (Collar)

2. Waist (Smallest Part of Dog’s belly- do not cover privates)

3. Back Length (distance from A to B along the back, following curves of the dog’s back)

4. Chest/Belly Length (Distance from A to B underneath the dog, following curves of dog’s chest/belly)
Q: How long does it take for my suit to be made?
  • Usually, within two weeks, unless you’ve requested something complicated! 

Q: Can I get my favorite sports team logo?

  • Unless I can find licensed Spandex fabric (RARE), we are unable to replicated Licensed Logos.  We CAN, however do your favorite colors, and if you happen to have a patch, we’d be happy to apply it.

Q: Can I have my Super Fly Suit Personalized with name/sponsor logo?

  • At this time, we are unable to monogram/screen print/embroider your suit. HOWEVER, there are many local shops that will do this in your hometown!

Q: What if my Super Fly Suit doesn’t fit quite like I wanted it to?

  • Suits are expected to be pretty form fitting.  With that being said, if you are unhappy with it for any reason, we will continue to work with you until it’s PERFECT.